Getting Screwed

…or at least feeling like you are. What is it about buying a car or having work done by a contractor that makes you feel like you’re leaving unhappy with the outcome? Or, like right now, we’re building a house and I can’t help but think that the builder/agent is not exactly aware of the “under promise, over deliver” mantra. We totally feel like we’re getting screwed somehow. It’s the mentality of “they’re lucky to be working with me” instead of “how can I best serve this client?”.

There are a few things that can make us feel this way: feeling that someone isn’t being honest, feeling like we’re not receiving an implied value, poor communication or lack of follow through.

Being more aware this as service oriented business owners is a start. For example, don’t be “yes” {wo} man. Don’t know the answer? Then tell them you’ll follow up by a certain time. Set expectations and follow through with those expectations. Deliver on your agreed upon terms, promptly. Respond quickly to emails and phone calls. I have a 24-hour rule. Over-communicate everything. I always repeat the same thing over and over again in my emails to clients because (I swear) people don’t read anymore. Agree upon a schedule with deadlines for both yourself and the client. It takes two to reach a deadline in my business with custom wedding invitations. Hold yourself accountable too.

Make sure your process is explained upfront. I have a card that I hand out to clients when we first meet with our short and sweet 4 step process listed. Even though it’s in the Agreement (remember, people don’t read), I call it out and go over it with them step-by-step in person or on the phone.

It’s all about the client experience. Have you thought about yours lately? Write down your process and see if you feel like it is meeting a client’s expectations. If not, make some changes and write it all down, even the part the client may not need to see. We may have the best intentions but if we aren’t communicating and delivering, the end result is lack luster.