Lighting the Fire

This morning, it’s cold in Nashville. Our temporary home has a huge basement where I have set up my office. It is frigid down here but the good news is, it has a fireplace. So, every morning, I walk downstairs bundled up and I light the fire. This morning, I woke up in a pretty ugly mood. Not sure why, just the wrong side of the bed, I guess. I usually get these tricky gas logs to light on the first or second try, but this morning it took me more than six times to get them lit. As I knelt down on the cold marble with my hands hurting from pushing in all these tiny buttons and levers (it’s a cheap fireplace…) on my sixth try, I started thinking that maybe my flame is out and I need to relight it. I’m feeling pretty burned out lately. Moving in January and planning Stationery Academy for February after spending a fun week in New York City for the gift show. It’s also the busiest wedding season I’ve had so far. Then looking forward to moving into our new house and another NYC trip for the stationery show in the spring. I’m not complaining by any means. I do love all of these things, but I can help but think that I forgot to recharge or rekindle my flame.


Stationery Academy is such a blessing to be planning now. It is wonderful to go back every six months and reevaluate. Even though I’m the one running around, tying ribbons, checking on food, moving boxes, handing out worksheets and then speaking and hosting on top of that, I still am able to take a moment to look forward into what is to come.


I’ve realized that I have a passion for empowering women in business. It may not be by speaking as a keynote, but giving someone else the platform and the glory, while I quietly execute in the background. I think that executing has worn me out and my flame needs rekindling. I am finding that it is normal to feel this way after Stationery Academy. It’s the quantity of self-reflection that leaves you feeling vulnerable. The warm fire is going now and this basement full of unorganized boxes and my cluttered desk is humming. Today will not be dictated by my email like yesterday was. I need to stay focused and leave room for my dreams. Looking forward to spring…