As I write this, I am sitting amongst a hundred boxes containing our entire house. Last November, we decided to take our chances in the crazy-good Nashville real estate market and our house sold in 12 hours. Gulp. Fast forward to this week, when we finally close. We move tomorrow. Positive: we’ve been able to take our time to pack and purge. Challenge: I’ve been surrounded by boxes for weeks.

We are downsizing to a smaller house. 3 years ago, we were in 1500 square feet, entertaining and hosting house guests – we needed more room. We ended up with 3200 square feet and realized it was a huge mistake. Too much. Cleaning, maintenance and utility bills for 2 people in this massive house was ridiculous. We need more like 2300 square feet. So now we’re building a new home close to downtown Nashville that I am over the moon about. In the mean time I’ll be living amongst boxes for the next 4 months in an apartment while the new house is finished. Yuck. I despise clutter.

On a side note, we’ve purged A LOT. And started filling up (more) boxes to store for a future fundraising event for our favorite charity, the Martha O’Bryan Center in Nashville. Our Next Up (young professionals) group will host a yard sale in the spring. The money raised will go toward school and dorm supplies to help first generation college students living in poverty get a fresh start. If you live in town and would like to donate items for the sale, please let me know. 

In 2014, I want to simplify. So many friends I’ve spoken with lately have the same mentality. We are all too busy and we have too much stuff. We do not plan on living like we are newlyweds again. (A smaller house does not mean an Ikea couch.) But, we want less. Less “stuff”. Less  stress. Lower bills. Less cleaning. Less upkeep. So we have more time, a lower carbon footprint and a simpler life. Let’s slow down a bit. Eliminate the unnecessary. For “business” side of things, that means being able to focus. Putting the emphasis on my brides and couples, my retailers and Stationery Academy. Being present.


How are we supposed to know what is necessary if we can’t see for all the clutter?



I am so excited about this year. For me, 2014 holds 2 Stationery Academy sessions, a trip to NY Now and the National Stationery Show, some new stationery products, more couples and wedding invitations, a new house, a new nephew and a simpler life. I am so grateful for these opportunities. I plan on printing out this quote and displaying it in my office.

Does anyone else have a “theme” for the year? If you have a word for the year, write it in the comments below and let me know why. How are you displaying your word so you remember it throughout the year? How is it going to help you in 2014?