Ever wonder why there have been certain experiences put along your path? For me, it was a 10 year career in marking. I hated it, but what I learned in a family business and medium-sized company and a start up environment was invaluable. Passive-agressive bosses, small budgets, layoffs, incompetent management, and so on… I am certain it is for a reason the He meant to be. It’s a lesson learned.

I often look back at certain bad experiences and am grateful. Good or bad, they have prepared me for my future.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” ~Oscar Wilde

But They are also a point if discovery. We search for the answers at conferences, workshops or in books and those can’t give you all the answers. These things are tools to help us make informed decisions. They are a platform for success. It is our own thinking, planning and reflection that we must implement using the knowledge gained from our experiences. Keep trying. Keep learning. You’ll find the perfect success formula fit for you.