If there is one thing that was made clear to me this past week at Stationery Academy, it’s that you can always be refining and learning. Last year, I decided to attend this conference for creative paper entrepreneurs and it changed my business so much more than I could have imagined. It was a game changer. This year, I headed back as an alum and speaker and still learned so much. I learned that having a support system is invaluable, that the giving of your knowledge to those coming up behind you is so rewarding and that you can always refine and learn.

This year’s class of graduates has a lot in store for the world. It’s so inspiring! And a shout-out to 3 wonderful ladies: Heidi: thank you for keeping the energy going and for being the most fun part of Stationery Academy this year! Natalie: thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and for being the best roomie ever (seriously, it wasn’t just about your amazing collection of Kate Spade accessories) and Whitney: your willingness to share and support those in this industry so unselfishly is inspiring.


{ from top left to right } all the swag our sponsors surprised us with so graciously, note taking, pretty place cards with calligraphy by Natalie, defining our vision, mission, passions, values and why


{ top } Natalie Chang, myself + Whitney English
{ bottom } Session II Alums

Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show. I’ll be heading back for year 2! This time, I’ll be organizing the Stationery Academy booth. I truly enjoyed being in a collaborative booth this past May and cannot wait to share that opportunity with 5 new exhibitors. I’m excited to showcase our album again along with a few more items that retailers can purchase so brides across the country can buy the Something Detailed brand.

Etsy. This is an ongoing process. But, we’re working on getting better images and uploading all we have to offer on our retail side of the business.

Branding. We’ve turned away so many branding clients over the years. I am passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs with their businesses and one way I can do that is by offering a service to build their brand identity. I’m being selective about who I work with and want to be able to offer an entry-level price point for people in the weddings and event industry looking to get started with a strong brand. We’ll offer 6-8 slots per year.

Etiquette. We’ve listened! More etiquette is coming! Our book Wedding Invitation Essentials: The Modern Guide to Wedding Invitation Etiquette is available on Etsy now. Our blog will be dedicated to answering and posting questions regarding etiquette and look for boxed notes soon too.

Custom. We love our custom wedding clients! We’ll be continuing this service because it is where our heart is and we love creating beautiful custom wedding designs for brides across the country.

We certainly have more big news to announce, but it’s not time just yet. I am so pumped about the upcoming year and can’t wait to take you on the journey with me!