Tuesday Tips: When to Send Thank You Notes


Send thank you notes within 2 weeks of receiving a gift before your wedding. If you receive a gift after the wedding, make sure you send a thank you note within 1 month of returning from your honeymoon.

I always suggest to keep a set of thank you notes, a pen and stamps out on your kitchen counter or table. As gifts come in from your online registry, and as you unpack them, go ahead and write your note that day. If you want to save them and do a few at once, pick a day of the week to write a few at a time. Make sure to save the packing slip and note included in the online shipping box. Add your own notes to make sure you don’t miss anything or mix up anyone’s gift. Stack up those packing slips next to your thank you notes and make sure to stay on top of it! It is so much easier to write a few at a time than having to write even 10 or 15 at a time.

Trust me, your guests will be impressed to receive a thank you note so quickly.

Giving a gift? Choose items that reflect your personality. I always like to send practical gifts, like towels, dishes and kitchen utensils, or themed gifts like wine glasses paired with an opener and chiller. Write a personal note like, “I hope these dishes bring you and your family around the table for years to come!”

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