Friday Feed: Juice Cleanse

After the gluttony of the 4th of July, I decided to do a juice cleanse. I started easing myself into it on Monday and started Tuesday. It’s only a 3 day cleanse, by Dr. Oz. I planned on eating more healthy and sticking to my exercise plan anyway this week, but I needed something a bit more to kick start my fitness plan back in the regularity.

As an entrepreneur, it is hard to fit in some time for fitness. So many resources I read say to make sure you fit in some “me” time and focus on your health instead of jumping up and heading over to the computer for the day. Exercise makes you work harder and faster and think more clearly.

Day 1 – feeling good in the morning after some time on theĀ elliptical but had a headache in the afternoon around 5pm. Craving crunchy stuff and trying to stay out of the pantry (where all the snacks from the 4th are staring at me). I actually liked the lunch juice with kale, but I am used to eating lots of green veggies.

Day 2 – woke up with energy and not hungry. Spent some time on the elliptical and on the recumbent bike. Lost 2 pounds so far.

Day 3 – feeling starved and light-headed. I don’t think it was emotional hunger because it came on gradually and I was willing to eat at salad instead of pigging out on cookies. I couldn’t get through my workout without almost passing out. Broke down and ate a salad with balsamic dressing for dinner and didn’t feel guilty at all. Lost 7 total pounds.

Overall, it got me off to a great start and I am happy with some water weight disappearing. I am still eating really well and feeling good (and less cranky with food in my stomach!). Still at 7 pounds lost, so I feel like it won’t pile back on again. Just need to stick to my plan and focus on health. I am finding that I sleep better at night and thinking more clearly. Hooray!

Have you tried juicing yet? What did you think of it?