10 wedding invitation trends


2013 is already incorporating the predicted trends we are seeing on the runway and top wedding blogs. At Something Detailed, whether with local Nashville brides or brides across the country, we’re seeing these top 10 trends in wedding invitations. Scroll down for an image gallery!

1. Gray is the new brown

Remember the days when everyone was pairing brown with pink, green, blue or any color? Not so anymore. Gray is the new brown and is now considered a neutral. 

2. Gold

The Great Gatsby, 1920’s style has really influenced brides in their choices. Gilded, glitter and glam are all the rage. Paired with modern black-and-white or dark emerald green, this style is perfect for a fall wedding.

3. Kraft

We’ll never get away from the mason jar, hay bale, barn wedding in Nashville – it’s just our thing. Kraft paper invitations are the perfect accent to a rustic wedding.

4. Chalkboard

Another move toward a more casual wedding, chalkboard style invitations are becoming popular. With an illustrated look, it’s personal and a bit bohemian, which is perfect for a hipster-chic wedding.

5. Hand Illustrated / Lettered

Influenced by vintage art, hand illustration and hand lettering is a huge trend in wedding invitations right now. It has an organic, whimsical, one-of-a-kind feel.

6. Pattern & Color

Incorporating a pattern into a wedding style is the perfect way to add a pop of color and theme to any wedding. Brides are opting out of their mom’s invitation and going for something with more color that matches their wedding style.

7. Tradition Mixed with Modern Style

Especially here in the South, brides are still nodding to tradition with formal type styles and wording, but adding their modern twist to incorporate their own personal wedding style.

8. Type-Focused Design

Stacked text and editorial styles of invitations are becoming more and more popular. Here in Nashville, it’s the concert poster influence that has been so popular for a long time. But, typography driven designs are popular even without the country twist.

9. Modern and Minimal

Justified text, contrasting colors and minimal design elements are actually classic. A sleek and simple style will never go out of style.

10. Black and White

Fashion hugely influences wedding styles and this summer’s hit is the classic black-and-white color combo. Stripes and mixing patterns are in, so don’t be afraid to mix a stripe, polka dot and floral pattern as long as they share the same 2 hues.