national stationery show recap: part 1


The week before the National Stationery Show was frantic. We had lots of orders to complete, lots to pack and lots of projects to finish before I flew out early Saturday morning. I met up with Amy of Southern Fried Barn Design (ya’ll, she has the best southern sayings cards and notepads – look for them at a store near you!) at the Nashville airport. I had 4 bags – 2 on the plane and 2 with me and Amy had an arm load too. It was a site to see us go through the security line. Not to mention that most of the space in my carry-on was taken up by the Nashville Cake Pops that I brought with me as bribes as giveaways.

We arrived and headed straight for the convention center to help set up our booth. With six of us in there, it didn’t take long and everything looked so good! (Below, we are taking a break after set up.) We received some good news the week before the show – the booth next to us cancelled so we were able to use the extra space – and we needed it!

Booth 2630

The 6 of us have bonded for life! From left to right: Southern Fried Barn Design, Twist Paper, Something Detailed, Caroline Creates, Lolo Lincoln, Ten Four Paper

Our panels were printed on foam core with our live samples affixed to them with double-sided tape. We had the bookcase from Ikea, (the front two tables borrowed last minute to fill the new/extra space) and the chairs were rented from the show contractor. Each of us had a cubby in the bookcase and a place to put our wedding invitation album or product samples, business cards, etc on the front tables.

Then, it was time for a little fun. Caroline (of Caroline Creates – the best eco-friendly options for the green without the granola bride) and I are both former ballerinas. We decided to go see a show at the American Ballet Theater. It was thrilling. I loved sharing my love for dance with someone else who appreciates it (otherwise I’d buy a single ticket and go by myself). The best part was one of the principal dancers was hanging up her point shoes with ABT, and it was her farewell performance. All the principal dancers performed, and we were both in tears at the end – the number of famous ballerina’s and flowers on that stage was overwhelming. 7+ curtain calls to wish her well. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

More to come!