NSS or Bust: prepping in 4 months

National Stationery Show
I am beginning to ask myself this everyday: am I crazy? The answer is yes, I know that for a fact. Most people prep and plan the whole year for the National Stationery Show in New York. I am doing it in just 4 short months.


For those of you not familiar with the industry, NSS is the stationery show of the year. If you have a local stationery store you love, it’s likely they are heading to NYC in a few weeks to do their shopping for the year. NSS has a little bit of everything: social stationery, wedding albums, gift ware, crafting products, supply side, Surtex (want to how Target comes up with all those cute patterns on their pillows? They are licensing it from a pattern designer), industry parties, educational seminars…it’s our fashion week.
National Stationery Show Floor

National Stationery Show Floor – huge!

Last year, I attended the Stationery Academy. We talked about our goals and big ideas, which one of mine was to exhibit at NSS. In my mind, that was 2014 or 2015. So, when Whitney English (our fearless leader) posted on our private Facebook group that she was hosting a booth of StatAcad alumna (around Thanksgiving), I ignored her. Then, someone backed out (for good reason) and there was a spot open again. I felt a tug on my heart and emailed her for more information. After speaking to my dad and husband, we all decided I should go for it. That was February 2nd.


So, without having planned for this at all and a few dozen good wedding invitation designs in my back pocket, I set off to plan, not knowing the giant to-do list that was on its way.


We’ll be doing a wedding invitation album. If you have been in your favorite local stationery store, you may have noticed all the huge binders of cards they have available. That’s were we are hoping to be. When you want to order an invitation, you walk into said store and flip through those binders (hopefully mine) and the store places the order through me, as the wholesaler. It allows for Something Detailed to be a national brand.


Here is a little sampling of what I’ve been working on for the past few months: album collection, custom album design, booth design, press kit, marketing mailer, website updates, giveaways and handouts for the booth, policies and procedures, order forms, show specials, my “brand outfits” for the booth (a fun part), the search for some really comfortable flats, pricing, sourcing product, interviewing local printers, product photos…and I still need to get started on some Bar/Bat Mitzvah and anniversary designs. (We’ll also have our Christmas Cards available as an add-on kit.)


"Glitter Glam" Save the Date design from our Wholesale Album - already very popular on Etsy

“Glitter Glam” Save the Date design from our Wholesale Album – already very popular on Etsy

I hope to share my journey with you. Right now, we have a lot of plates spinning in the air, and I am ready to check off the first item as “complete”.


For all you custom brides out there, this does not mean that we’re not taking custom clients anymore. It’s just another part of our business. You are the inspiration; the reason we started in this business in the first place. (Read more about our Why here in our Manifesto.) We’re still taking custom clients, or you can order from our album soon, but space will be limited.


For retailers: come see what I’ve been up to in booth 2630, along with 5 other fabulous designers. We are all so different and have different items to offer – it will be a one stop shop for you.

For future exhibitors: if you’ve been wanting to exhibit, you just have to do it. As my friend Amber Housley says, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.  It’s so true. I took a leap of faith and am growing my wings on the way down (another Amber quote!). It’s sort of like deciding to have children – if you wait until you are ready, you’ll never do it.

For the next 3 weeks, I will be working hard to finish everything (my motto is Go Big or Go Home! So nothing will be half done.) I’ve had to miss out on baby showers, dinner parties, QT with my family, Saturdays exploring my city and (not to mention) some financial sacrifices, but I am super excited about what’s to come!


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Stayed tuned!