tuesday tips: unique wording for your rsvp cards

I promise I’m not flaking out on you, but no video today… sick sick girl without a voice! Tuesday Tips videos next week. – Jennifer

source: http://imgur.com/qWYFblQ

source: http://imgur.com/qWYFblQ

This week I wanted to share some unique ideas for your response cards. I was inspired by this post from the Huffington Post Weddings.

 Wedding-Invitations-Etiquette-Nashville-Something-Detailed (2 of 7)

I thought this was so awesome! It’s a sassy way to keep it real. Traditionally, your rsvp card would include “delightfully accept” and “regretfully decline” – or some version of that formality. If you’re not up to being that forth front, but don’t want to be super formal, I’ve collected a few other ideas below:

looking forward to celebrating with you  |  we’ll celebrate from afar

can’t wait  | regrets

we’d be delighted  | so sorry we can’t make it

our bags are packed  | toasting from afar

see you there  | sorry to miss it

we’ll celebrate with you  |  we’ll be there in spirit


I always get questions from brides all the time about how to be creative with their wedding invitations in the response card. So, I hope this helps some of you get the creative juices flowing for your rsvp card responses. Call us if you need any help…best of luck!