Pantone 2013 Fall Color Report


Pantone released it’s 2013 Fall Color Report last week, and we’re excited to share how our designs and our bride’s wedding colors are falling { no pun intended } right into trend.


Emerald is a popular shade this fall fashion. It exudes luxury and elegance. Mykonos Blue is a strong, deep blue with a teal undertone. Simple, modern elegance is the key to this wedding invitation design. Both colors combine well with other colors, as you will see below.


A deep, rich and elegant shade of purple, Acai is a complex color that I am seeing a lot of from my clients this year. It’s been a very popular shade for 2013 fall and 2014 weddings. Turbulence , a great foundation color, is still holding strong as a popular wedding color. Here, this wedding invitation includes purple and charcoal with an elegant and classic monogram design.


Koi is a vibrant orange that we saw a lot of last year in the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year in Tangerine Tango. Pair this orange with another strong and expressive color, Samba, and you have a bold and dramatic combination. Here, we have balance these bold colors with Mykonos Blue in a color block design.


Mykonos Blue shows up again here as a great combination color paired with Deep Lichen Green; a moss green. This moss green is going to be another foundation color for fall fashion. Here, these two cool shades are another option for our Color Block design in our 2013 Wedding Invitation and Save the Dates Collection.



This invitation has to be one of the brightest and fun invitations we’ve designed. A bright pink, called Vivacious, is a deep fuchsia. Paired with Koi in a vibrant orange, this engagement party invitation is sure to impress and excite your guests.

Pantone-Fall-2013-linden green-carafe

Carafe is a warm and rich chocolate brown. It’s long been a rival to black for classic, glamorous weddings. Paired here with Linden Green, a yellow-green, this wedding invitation is light and bright and is a great accent to use for your fall wedding.


Such a pretty slate of colors this year. I love the brights mixed in with these grounded, dark shades this fall. If you saw anything in this post that you like, check out our Etsy site for some of our 2013 Collection designs or contact me to find out more about these custom designs. 


Are you using any of these colors in your upcoming wedding? Comment below and let me know. I’ve love to hear from you!