Sharing Why – a personal post

With any business or hobby, there is a reason you do it. A why. A passion. A purpose. Especially, for someone who takes a leap of faith and quits a corporate job with a stable income to pursue something they love. You have to have a passion to take that leap. About two years ago, I decided to take a hobby/part time job to a full time career. It was very scary. But, I can honestly say that I am so much happier in all areas of my life. It wasn’t about the money. I am tired. I work 70 hours a week and never stop thinking about wedding invitations and business planning. But, it is all worth it.

My friend Whitney English says “purpose is an anchor”. I wanted to share with you why I chose to be a stationery designer and why I do it. I think it is important to live these out in my everyday life on a personal level. Whitney encouraged us at Stationery Academy to look at every aspect of ourselves: business, financial, spiritual and personal. I wanted to share this with you because I think it is important for me to hone in on these reasons, but also for you to understand it, too.

My Why:

Give Graciously of What is Mine: 

  • I want to live generously; to give back to my community. I really love to support local charities. I also love Nashville. I am not a native, but I feel like this is my home. This next year, I am a part of a team who will help support the Martha O’Bryan Center called Next Nashville. We’ll be plugging into the young leaders in the middle Tennessee area to be advocates of MOBC through contribution, service and support. We’re changing the face of Nashville and are helping break the line between poverty and potential through family education.
  • I want to inspire and support other female and stationery entrepreneurs. A group of us have started a Stationery Designers of Nashville which is dedicated to furthering our education, encouraging each other through fellowship and continually improving our craft. To share knowledge and to gain knowledge openly and without fear of competition. Something very powerful happens when women share their brainpower in business and support!
  • Be supportive of all wedding vendors. We can all help each other learn. I love having coffee with fellow vendors and learning more about their businesses. I try to share what I know and have learned without expecting anything in return.

Give Joy Through Creativity:

  • Help brides create the perfect wedding invitation and paper goods that reflect their personal style. Sending joy though a note card or the giving of a personalized gift between friends. The events we celebrate are so joyful. Through beautiful stationery, we can help spread the joy.

Build Sustainability through Profitability:

  • Continue to grow my business and create a profitable living. I want to be able to create a streamlined process within Something Detailed to better develop a positive experience for both me and my clients. I’ve learned making money is not a “why”. It’s what I can do with it that is my why. I want to be able to travel & experience the world, continue to grow, hire employees and interns to give them an experience to grow as well and be sustainable by creating recurring revenue. I want to donate my services and time for philanthropy. Wish I could do what I do for free and put food on the table, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works. I don’t think I’ll be a millionaire anytime soon, but I cannot be ashamed of making a living.

Be Genuine and Loyal:

  • Loyal to my friends and family through spending time with them and creating stronger relationships. Building stedfast love within my marriage. Not focusing on business all the time and making sure we have fun along the way – keeping the joy. Feeling like I have accomplished something and am contributing to my family. Making them proud.
  • Being an honest and real voice for my clients. Guiding them through the wedding invitation design process, step by step, with genuine support and their best interests in mind. I will always give you an honest answer, and will always do the right thing.

I have big plans for Something Detailed in 2013 (read my 2013 post here). All the things are in place to have my best year yet. It’s very hard to share such personal goals like this out here in the open like this, but I feel it’s important. I am so excited to share that with each of you and can’t wait to see what this year brings.