Hello! I’m Jennifer Faught. President of Stationery Academy, founder and designer of Something Detailed wedding stationery, a creative business coach, wedding stationery designer and creative entrepreneur.

You can work with me in a few different ways: as a bride looking for wedding paper details, as a creative entrepreneur seeking coaching in their stationery or gift business, or by attending Stationery Academy.

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I feel like our coaching call gave me a path to progress. I have a better understanding of wholesale now and what steps I need to take to better prepare my self to start. I also now know my next month timeline for my wedding suites and several new areas to look for potential new clients. I liked having someone validate my current brand and give me steps to progress further into the process. I felt like the call looked at my line from a different perspective and gave me some ideas that I had not come up with myself. I learned a lot and it was great having the perspective of someone that has been very successful in my same business.

Laurie Louis

Laurie Louis

Jennifer was extremely easy to talk to and offered a vast amount of knowledge, feedback and tips that will ultimately help me reach my business goals. I already have a much better grasp of how to start off on the right foot entering the world of wholesale. It is imperative to get coaching from someone who has specialized experience in the business. Jennifer offered constructive feedback and definitely got my wheels turning as to how I can do better. Every question I had was answered. What an amazing resource for my growing business. I already feel ten steps ahead of where I was. I truly got so much out of my coaching call. I feel more confident and prepared to tackle the wholesale industry with a much better understanding of how it all works. #gamechanger

Amanda Graus

All Things Pretty

Getting outside feedback from my coaching call assured me that I was on the right track and making good decisions for my business. I have been able to really narrow my focus and press forward building my business. On top of helping me focus, Jennifer gave me some great tidbits about industry standards that I was wondering about and able to apply to my strategic planning. I would definitely recommend a coaching call to anyone at any level. As makers and business owners, sometimes we can’t distance ourself from our business and things get a little muddled in our brains or get a little insecure about making so many decisions by ourselves. I think coaching calls are a great way to get outside feedback and reassurance from a trusted professional. My coaching call saved me countless hours of spinning in circles wondering about decisions coming my way. I was able to apply what I learned and make decisions about things I had been waffling on and let go of other distractions.

Kaitlin Goodey

Goodey Studio

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Interested in chatting about your business or seeking a coach? Contact us here to set up a free 30-minute consultation. I have coached over 200 female small business owners across the country, helping them grow their stationery or gift business to the next level. Specializing in marketing, sales, wholesale, weddings, pricing, client experience, and more, together we can make your hobby a real business venture.